About Us


OYÈ is a luxury fashion brand with the goal of bringing a taste of Africa to Modern Fashion. African Culture embodies the use of bold, beautiful patterns that illuminate the beauty of every individual. At OYÈ, we want to introduce the rich African prints to the world with our trendy designs that could be dressed with everyday modern styles.  We believe in empowering our customers to feel bold, beautiful, and fearless in our carefully designed outfits.

What Inspired OYE Collection?

The name “OYE” means “high title” in the Yoruba (Nigerian) language. When we look at Women, we see the embodiment of many high titles such as STRONG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, INFLUENTIAL, and COURAGEOUS individuals, among many others. At times, the everyday life gets in the way and women need to be reminded about who and what they really are. Whether a stay at home mom, a working mom, a professional woman, or a student; EVERYONE deserves to feel and show off the beauty and power that lies within them. Our goal is to awaken those high titles that women hold through our fashion brand! You can refer to us as: A Fashion Brand on a Mission!